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Cognitive explanations of
Schizophrenia is characterised by profound
thought disturbance.
Cognitive psychologists believe that the
disturbed thinking processes are the cause rather
than the consequence of schizophrenia.…read more

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The cognitive viewpoint is that maladaptive
(faulty) thinking is strongly linked to
examples of faulty thinking…read more

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Role of Attention…read more

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Role of attention
· Mechanisms which normally filter and process
incoming stimuli- defective
· Don't have selective attention
­ Bombarded by irrelevant information
­ Inundated by external stimuli
­ Cannot interpret
· Studies show that schizophrenia sufferers are
poor at laboratory tasks…read more

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Research support
Liddle and Morris
Schizophrenics perform poorly on the Stroop test
­ Name colour of word, not what the word
· Requires suppression of written word
­ Failure on test indicates failure of willed action
· Indicates that behaviour is determined by irrelevant
stimuli…read more

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