Cognitive Explanations for Addiction

For revision, I made tables for the different explanations of addiction. It's important that you can answer questions about the initiation, maintenance and relapse of all three explanations for smoking and gambling, including AO2 detail.

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Stage Explanation Evaluation
Gelkopf et al. believes addicts use pathological behaviour to Li et al. ­ addicts gamble for pleasure or to escape reality
ease psychological symptoms. (`self-medicating').
Chosen form tends to be one associated and perceived as Self-medicating more likely to have other substance addictions.
helping a particular…

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`Just world hypothesis'
Believe they will eventually be rewarded.
Encouraged to carry on after heavy losses.
Believe they `deserve' to win after many losses.

Stage Explanation Evaluation
Expectancy theory:
Brandon et al. ­ behaviour led to addiction due to x Much research focuses on `excessive' behaviour and rarely considers

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Costs and benefits:
DeVries and Backbier ­ expectations of costs and Moolchan ­ use of nicotine patches only reduced replace if used with
Relapse benefits affect readiness to quit and relapse rates. CBT to change positive expectancies.
If sees smoking as with many benefits and few costs, Juliano and Brandon…


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