cognitive development reserachers you need to know

this word document only has the studies you neeed to know for cognitive development and the is a powerpoint with all the information for cognitive development incluedes A01 and AO2 that goes with the word document

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Researchers I need to know for cognitive development
Researchers names What their study was about and what it has to do with cog
Piaget on object permanence Object permanence
Aim :to find out at what age children develop object perm
Method :he tested children of different ages while the chil…

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Results: children under the age of 7 said that the spaced one had more sweets in it
so they couldn't conserve therefore they where in the pre operation stage while
the children over age 7 gave they correct answer so they where able to conserve
number so therefore in the…

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Conclusion: the researcher concluded that children could o
systematically when they were in the formal operational s
the age of 11 yrs.
Martorano 1977 Replicated piaget studies in the token task 10%of 17 yrs o
complete it correctly which suggest that not everyone reac
operational stage at the age of…

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Conclusion :object permanence occurred earlier than piag
babies of the age of 3mnths stared longer at the tall carrot
was meant to appear as it went past the window.
Bee 1997 Claims that there are 4 ways that information processing c
Capacity increases which allow him /her to store more…


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