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Cognitive Approach to Psychopathology
Assumes that behaviours are controlled by thoughts and beliefs
Abnormal Behaviour ­ Caused by Irrational Thoughts and Beliefs
Poor Thinking (Maladaptive Thoughts) = Abnormality

Version 1 of the model:

Ellis (1962)

Emotional problems can be attributed directly to distortions in our thinking
Distortions take the…

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Once a cognitive triad is activated ­ individual will only process information
consistent with that view ­ all other information will be disregarded

Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

Assume we can treat disorders by eliminating or changing the original faulty
thoughts and beliefs

Process of CBT:

Therapist & Client identify clients faulty…




this was amazing, helped me with something I thought was impossible to understand, can't thank you enough !!!

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