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Cognitive approach:

This model of explaining abnormality states that faulty thinking causes
abnormality. A person's cognitions (thinking, attitude, expectations) affect
the way they behave directly. Mental illness is the result of someone having
inappropriate/disordered thinking; the focus is not on the problem itself but
is on the way a person…

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Stress inoculation training (SIT)
Rational-emotive behavioural therapy (REBT)

Stress inoculation training:
This method teaches the patient to protect themselves from the harmful
effects of stress; it involves training so you can prepare to deal with stress
before it is a problem.

1. Conceptualisation ­ identifying fears and concerns with the…

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work. Not all individuals would have the spare time and money to be able to
achieve this therapy.
-VE ­ Unnecessarily complex, SIT is not necessarily useful from all aspects of
its therapy, so may be more useful than others. This means the long time
spent on the training could…


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