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Cognitive Approach

"Psychology is a science"
The cogs of the machine in the mind turn
And mental processes are changed in return

Assumption 1: Behaviour can be explained by mental processes.

This approach can see human beings as basic "information processors" ­ essential cognitive
processes all work together…

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conditions that are controlled. If we want to find out about the capacity of STM under controlled
lab conditions, we ask participants to recall words from a list, then we can make inferences.

Attribution Theory

The idea of attribution theory was first proposed by Heider and Simmel (1944).

Fundamental attribution…

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Consistency ­ the extent that behaviour between one person and one stimulus is the same
across time.
Distinctiveness ­ the extent to which any behaviour is unique.
Consensus ­ the extent to which there is agreement among other people.

Outline the aims of CBT.
CBT stands for…


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