Cognitive Approach

Its missing Godden & Baddeley's deep sea divers but I've condensed each concept into 6/7 desciption points and 6/7 aluation points. 

Note: Most of the points are a blend from various points given in the mark schemes and so, if you write these word for word in the exam, you should get the mark.

Its in a table format with key words on the left side so that you can print it out and use it as que cards/ revision cards as well.

Hope this helps! :)


"::" stands for "Therefore,"

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Key Assumptions of Cognitive
ca n be l
ar ge ly
n ed i
te rms of
how th e
Approach mind operates (ie:
th e
infor ma t
ion pr ocessin g mo del

Behaviour = Mind

Wh a t
we do d epe n…

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Attention = STM I
f i
t i
s attended t
o ,
th e
informa t
io n pa sses i
n t
o urSTM,
w he re
Rehearsal = LTM i
t l
as t
s for
1 8 30
s eco n d s . The…

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Itcan explain real-life situations,

w he n w e
reme mb e r
Craik & Lockhart's Levels of Process things w e do n ot me a n
to ,
a s memo r y
a by p rod u ct
o f
u s
(Evaluation) proc…

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Practical Application:
Schab (1991) fou n d
that not rein st
a t
ing t
h esmell of

Abernathy'40 (exam classroom) chocolate a t
re ca l
l r
e sul
ted i
n few e r
w ords bei
n g r
ec all
co mp a r…

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Brewer & Treyens office items Brew er
&T r
eye ns h ave show n
w hen
p ps recall
ed i
te ms
rom an o f
so me it
e ms we r
e rememb ered co rr
y but
ot her




*evaluation points

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