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Discuss Cognitive Treatments for Mood Disorders

CBT: > Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is treatment developed by Beck
> Works on Beck's belief that people have maladaptive attitudes that lead to
having and unrealistically negative view of the world, themselves and the
future (cognitive triad). This combined with illogical views…

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> 45 treatments usually given before a significant
improvement is seen
> Clinicians unsure of exactly how it works (one of the
reasons it is so controversial), theories include:
Causes the release of 5HT and Na into the synapses
Alters the blood flow in the brain, Nobler et al…

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> Effectiveness: this therapy has not been fully
researched but initial studies have
found that patients who IPT stayed
well for longer compared to the
placebo group
Elkin et al: > Research the efficacy of different treatments, 250 outpatients with
major depression were assigned one of four treatments for…


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