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Describe the effects of age on
EWT (5)…read more

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Recap DVD Loftus & EWT…read more

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Scuba divers were presented with lists of
words to learn. They either learnt the
words on the beach or 5 metres under
water. Recall was then tested either in the
same or opposite environment to where
they learnt the words.
· In which condition do you think there was
better recall? Why?…read more

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The Cognitive Interview…read more

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Cognitive interview (CI)
· a technique used by the police involving
the following:
· asking open questions (to reduce effects
of leading questions)
· asking witnesses to recall every detail
however insignificant
· repeating the account from other
perspectives e.g. the victim…read more

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The cognitive interview is based on 2
principles of memory:
· Info is organised so that memories can be
accessed in a number of ways.
· Memories are context dependent,
meaning that retrieval will be more
effective if the cues present at the time of
storage are reinstated.
· Video clip ­ criminal minds…read more

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