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Discuss the Cognitive Explanation for Mood Disorders

Beck's Theory: > One of the key theorists of the cognitive explanation is Seligman who
believed people with depression suffer due to their thoughts being
negative and self defeating
> Seligman put forward the theory that as a result of parents/…

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how to escape animals acquire a sense of helplessness which impairs their
performance in stressful conditions that can be controlled, Seligman believed
this would be true to humans also. Furthermore like depressed people, the
dog's experienced a loss of appetite and weight as well as reduced
noradrenalin levels


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style comes from however, Rose et al found the style was
related to sexual abuse in childhood but further research has
also found associations with parental over protectiveness,
discipline and perfectionist standards> this therefore makes
hard to put preventative measures in place or identify at risk


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