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Loftus and Palmer summary for OCR Core Studies

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Loftus and Palmer (1974)
To investigate the effect of leading questions on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. Will the use
of more severe sounding verbs to describe an accident lead participants to:
Produce a higher estimate of speed?
Be more likely to (incorrectly) recall the presence of broken glass?
Information on Experiment
The experiment was a laboratory.
The design was independent.
Study 1
45 students
Five groups of nine
Participants shown seven clips of traffic accidents
Asked to write a short account of what they had seen
Asked to complete a questionnaire
Critical question was `About how fast were the cars going when they ******* each other?'
Five different verbs (one per group) were smashed, hit, collided, bumped and contacted
Independent Variable
The change of the verb in the critical question
Dependent Variable
The estimate of speed with the verb in the question

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The more severe sounding the verb was, the higher the speed estimate was
Verb used in critical question Average speed (mph)
Smashed 40.8
Collided 39.3
Bumped 38.1
Hit 34.0
Contacted 31.…read more

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Group 3 ­ Control so they were not asked to estimate speed
One week later
All subjects were questioned again
Critical question, `Did you see any broken glass?'
There was no broken glass in the film.…read more


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brilliant summary of study, thanks!

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