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Coasts Case Studies

Old Harry, Swanage, Dorset = stack/stump

Stack, headland, chalk in-between clay
Wife = stump, collapsed in storm, 1896

Spurn Head, Humberside = Spit

3.5 miles long, 50m wide (at some points)
Sand and shingle banks
Protects coastal homes from erosion, home to wildlife
Cyclic ­ 250 years…

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Start Bay, South Devon

Hallsands ­ beach material from weathering of cliff face, 9m beach
Beesands ­ material from LSD and stream of mud and gravel, 19m beach
Slapton Sands ­ 30m beach
Pilchard Cove ­ stops further LSD movement, very large pebbles


Economy for locals, jobs in bars…

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