Coasts Case Studies

Just some case studies that I use, that anyone can use, especially if you're stuck for ideas.

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Coasts Case Studies
Old Harry, Swanage, Dorset = stack/stump
Stack, headland, chalk in-between clay
Wife = stump, collapsed in storm, 1896
Spurn Head, Humberside = Spit
3.5 miles long, 50m wide (at some points)
Sand and shingle banks
Protects coastal homes from erosion, home to wildlife
Cyclic ­ 250 years of creation and destruction
Morraine ridge (aka the Binks) protects it
Happisburgh, Norfolk Coast ­ Coastal management
Being eroded by North Sea; defences not replaced; collapsing buildings
Residents are warned to move away; houses worth £1; eventually will reach an equilibrium, CCAG fight for coastline here and everywhere else
Protection is too expensive; no compensation; job losses; less visitors = less economy
Coastal Management
Hallsands, South Devon Minehead, Somerset Coast Porlock, Somerset Coast
1917, destroyed by storms Curved sea walls built, 7 tonne boulders No sea defence ­ managed retreat ­
Soft rock eroded £12.5 million letting farmland flood
Beach disappearing ­ dredged sand for Butlins ­ used to be marshland, helping to Shingle = natural sea wall ­ but lower at
dockyard pay for it one end
Shingle provided defence ­ gone Drains from creek
Houses collapsed equilibrium

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Start Bay, South Devon
Hallsands ­ beach material from weathering of cliff face, 9m beach
Beesands ­ material from LSD and stream of mud and gravel, 19m beach
Slapton Sands ­ 30m beach
Pilchard Cove ­ stops further LSD movement, very large pebbles
Economy for locals, jobs in bars and clubs
Less of original culture, poor hygiene and noise for locals
Rich buy houses and never use them
Overpopulated beach, dependent on tourists, children badly influenced
65 decibel limit, on the spot fines, club…read more

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