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Breakdown of rocks where they are, erosion when rocks are broken down and carried away by something

Mechanical weathering ­ breakdown of rock without changing its chemical composition

Freeze thaw weathering ­ when temperatures alternates above and below 0 degrees, water gets into
cracks, when water freezes it…

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In open sea not much horizontal transfer of water but as reach the coast making the usual circular motion
of the water increasingly oval. As it gets shallower this causes the crest of the wave to rise then eventually
topple onto the beach

Water that rushes up the beach called…

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5. Longshore drift ­ the transport of sediment along a stretch of coastline caused by waves
approaching the beach at an angle( waves approach the beach and go up at an angle (swash), then
go back down vertically at right angles to the edge of the shore (back wash) ,…

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It has a recurved tip at the end
Material is deposited, at the end of a headland or where the coast changes direction in the direction
of the prevailing wind dramatically, by long shore drift. The tip of the spit is pushed in the direction
of the temporary wind or…

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The area is closely monitored and managed to maintain its biodiversity access is limited and
development is restricted

Hard engineering is artificial structures, sea walls groynes rock armour, expensive, high maintenance,
interfere with natural processes, not that attractive

Soft engineering is trying to fit in and work with natural processes,…

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County councils have to work together
Funding for sea defence strengthening may come from government


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