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Coastal erosion

Name of Advantages Disadvantages Type of
defence engineering
Rip Rap Cheap (depending on rock Makes beach inaccessible Hard
type) Unattractive
Long lasting (depending on
rock type)
Recurved Makes residents feel safe Expensive £10000 per meter Hard
sea wall Lasts for a long time Unattractive ­ May put tourists…

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Dredging at Felixstowe ­ 250,000 cubic meters removed each
Global warming ­ Rising sea levels

Rotational slumping of the cliffs
Narrow beach caused by longshore drift which removes the
Cliff erosion between 1 and 2 meters per year
In 50 years the Naze will be…

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Against engineering
Hotel manager at Frinton ­ eroding cliffs provide sand which makes
the beach look good
Bird watchers ­ Birds nest in the cliffs.


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