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Waves ­ are undulations on the surface of the water. They are caused by
wind blowing over the surface of the sea. The wave's size depends on
strength of the wind, the duration of the wind and the fetch. As the
wave approaches land the sea gets shallower, the…

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Caves ­ an area which has been hollowed out by the waves at the
bottom of a cliff.

Arches ­ caves are eroded the entire way through. An opening in the cliff
with rock above it and on either side.

Stacks ­ an arch collapse and becomes a stump, a…

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3 legged lumps of concrete which are dumped on the coast. They
decrease the waves' energy on the cliff
boulders are dumped and enclosed in wire mesh. They form a
barrier which gradually decreases the waves' energy by dispersing
it. Quite cheap

Oil spills ­ The Sea Empress ­…


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