Coastal Landforms

Revision notes on wave cut notches, stacks, stumps, caves, arches, joints, headlands and bays.

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Abrasion a "saw" effect. Beach material is hurled / thrown against the cliffs. This is caused by the
force of the waves which are in turn caused by the wind etc...
Hydraulic Action a "hammer" effect. Water compresses air into cracks on the cliffs and forces
them wider.
Corrosion / Solution chemical decomposition of the cliff. (Acidic water etc...)
Attrition beach material is bashed together so it reduces in size.

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Headlands and bays forms where a coastline if made up of alternating resistant (harder) and less
resistant (softer) rock.
At some points along the coastline the rock will be eroded as it is less resistant and in other areas the
rock will remain as it is more resistant.
This results in certain areas of the coastline sticking out to sea to form headlands and
other areas are eroded away to form bays.…read more


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