Coastal erosion

Revision notes on coastal erosion for GCSE Geography.

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Coastal erosion
Name of Advantages Disadvantages Type of
defence engineering
Rip Rap Cheap (depending on rock Makes beach inaccessible Hard
type) Unattractive
Long lasting (depending on
rock type)
Recurved Makes residents feel safe Expensive £10000 per meter Hard
sea wall Lasts for a long time Unattractive ­ May put tourists
Reflects and absorbs wave off
Groynes Cheap to repair Difficult to walk along the Hard
Fairly inexpensive £5000 beach
each Unattractive
Prevents LSD
Keeps beach in place

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Gabions Cheap and easy to repair Unattractive Hard
Needs constant repairs due to
wires breaking
Makes beach inaccessible
unless steps are made from
them.…read more

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Hard engineering:
+ Provide windbreak for tourists
Need regular maintenance (and difficult to
walk along the beach
Sea Walls + Long lasting
Very expensive at £10,000 per meter
Rip Rap + Cheap
Dangerous (slippery rocks)
Soft engineering:
Regrading + Looks natural
Some homes may need
demolishing when the land is
Beach replenishment + Looks natural
Quickly gets washed away
Managed retreat + Creates new habitats for wildlife
Upsetting for those who have to
move away
For engineering:
Local engineering and building companies…read more


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