Coastal Engineering Techniques

It is a table to fill in about the coastal engineering techniques. It is good for AS Edexcel geography on the crowded coast section and according to my book also for the the AQA coasts option.

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Coastal techniques
Fill in the table saying what the pictures are of, whether it is a hard or soft
engineering technique, the purpose, and the strengths and weaknesses. The answers
follow the table on another page. Try not to look! Good Luck!
Picture Technique Hard Purpose Strengths Weaknesses
or soft

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Picture Techniqu Hard or Purpose Strength Weaknesse
e soft s s…read more

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Groynes Hard The trap Quite They
beach cheap starve
material beaches
which is down-drift
being moved of them
by due to the
longshore sediment
drift so being
creates stopped by
wider them.
Beach Soft It replaces It looks It is
nourishm the natural expansive
ent sediment and would
removed by need to
longshore keep being
drift nourished.
It can have
Dune Soft The wooden It is If public
regenera structures effective accesses is
tion encourage if not
sand properly controlled
deposition. managed.…read more

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They help property.
to stop
erosion and
Gabions Hard They They are They can
absorb cheap look ugly,
wave energy and quite is only a
so prevent effective small scale
erosion. solution
and can
move in
storms.…read more


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