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Coastal Change and conflict
Topic 5 ­ Unit 1…read more

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I can define the coastal zone and the
coast as a system
· The coastal zone ­ An area where land meets
the sea. It is changing all the time
· System:
­ Inputs ­ energy (wind, waves, tides)
­ Processes ­ Weathering, erosion, transportation,
­ Outputs ­ Landforms, erosional landforms (bays,
headlands etc.) Depositional beaches/ dunes, spits
etc.…read more

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I know the different types of waves,
Constructive and destructive
· Constructive waves ­ more swash than backwash ­ this
means they deposit more than they take
· Destructive waves ­ more backwash than swash ­ means that
they take more than they deposit…read more

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I can explain how rock type influences
· Shape of the cliff ­ hard rock: high and steep, rugged. ­
Soft rock: High, not so steep or rugged
· Cliff face ­ Hard rock: bare with little vegetation and no
loose rock. ­ Soft rock: very few rocks, often made up of
sand or clay
· Hard rock example : Land end
· Soft rock example: Holderness
Dorset coastline
· Many different types of rock so you get headlands where
there is hard rock and bays where there is soft rock…read more

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I understand the difference between
weathering, erosion and mass movement
· Weathering ­ disintegration of Earths surface
in situations
· Mass movement ­ landslides or movement of
rock down a slope often under heavy
(both of the above are sub-ariel (happens away from the sea))
· Erosion - The process of eroding or being
eroded by wind, water, or other natural
agents.…read more

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I can explain the cliff foot processes
· Hydraulic Action - waves force air into the rocks as
they crash against the cliff and draw it out as they
recede ­ forms cracks
· Solution/ corrosion ­ weak acids slowly erode
some rock
· Attrition - Waves force rocks to smash together
leaving them smooth
· Abrasion ­ bits of rock and sand in waves slowly
wear away the cliff…read more

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