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Landforms Caused by Erosion
Coastal…read more

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· A headland is formed from hard rock. It was once surrounded by
soft rock, but soft rock erodes at a much faster pace than hard rock,
and so only the headland remains.
· A headland is a strip of land or cliff jutting out into the sea .…read more

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· A crack in the cliff face or headland caused by erosion, and widened
by hydraulic action.…read more

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· A cave is formed at the bottom of cliff, where abrasion and
hydraulic action affect it most. If one area is specifically targeted,
then the rock is worn away while the rest around it isn't, forming a
cave.…read more

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· An arch was once a cave. It became an arch when the back of the
cave broke and became open air. This would happen mostly
through hydraulic action and abrasion.…read more

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Wave-Cut Platform
· This is the base of the original headland where the everything
above it has been eroded away. It is visible at low tide.…read more

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