Coaching Points

Revision notes for AS Physical Education, 6 Assignments - Coaching Points Of Badminton

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Skill ­ Badminton Clear ­ Coaching Points
Take hold of Badminton racket with a forehand grip making a V with your thumb and index finger
down the side of the racket
Stand facing the net with racket in the air waiting for opponent to play his or her shot
Have feet about 1 foot apart with racket foot back
Have 60% 70% weight on the back foot
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Move slightly behind were the shuttle is going to land by running backwards and side stepping
Keep eyes on the shuttlecock as it moves towards you at all times
Be side on from the net with racket foot back
Put your nonracket hand straight out in front
Follow the shuttle with arm next to eye so the shot is more accurate
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Reach back with you racket so the racket is vertical behind your back
Place 90% of weight on back foot
When shuttle is just over arm and rackets length pull arm forward and up over head with full
extension and maximum power
Hit the shuttle in the centre of the racket for power
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Step forward with racket foot as the shot is played
Pull nonracket hand back and swing racket shoulder through
Flick wrist until the racket is vertical in front of the body
Take racket foot back
Take racket hand up above head again
Keep eyes on shuttlecock to see where the next shot will be played
Stand facing net again with racket in the air waiting for the next shot to be played
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