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Reproductive Cloning Therapeutic Cloning
Almost all Muslims are against reproductive cloning of Human life is sacred. It is wrong to destroy human
humans because Allah is the creator of life. embryos. It is also wrong to create embryos
Reproductive cloning means that scientists take over
specifically for research. Allah is the only one who
Allah's role `It is he (Allah) who grants death and life'.
gives and takes life. Scientists should not be taking
Every human should be unique. It devalues the dignity
of each individual who is created by Allah. Cloned Allah's role. If someone is suffering does not mean
people would lack two parents to provide the genetic that they cannot have a good quality of life. Life is a
family background and identity that is so important to test.
Muslims. FOR
FOR Muslims who believe that life begins at 40 or 120
Some Muslims think that cloning animals is acceptable, days might argue that research is acceptable up to 14
because Allah is the one who gives scientists days as it does not yet have a soul. Stem cell cloning is
knowledge and they should be able to use it.
leading to new treatments and will eventually be able
to cure diseases.


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