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Cloning: Is the scientific method by which a Therapeutic Cloning FOR
living being can be created which has exactly It can find new treatment and cures for diseases
the same genetic make-up as the original. therefore can be seen as a loving thing to do. Also,
Reproductive Cloning: It would make it not all Christians believe that life starts at
possible to reproduce an identical new human conception and therefore accept experimentation
being. up to 14 days. Jesus was a healer.
Therapeutic Cloning: Scientists use embryo AGAINST: All embryos are destroyed after 14 days,
stem cells to create an identical new human some Christians (Catholics) believe life begins at
embryo in order to develop cures for diseases. conception and will see this as murder.
Embryos are destroyed after 14 days.
FOR: it can find new treatments and cures
diseases `Love your neighbour'. Not all
Christians believe that life starts at conception
so may accept the experimentation up to 14
Reproductive Cloning AGAINST
Almost all Christians are against this because
they believe that it would devalue the dignity of
each individual who is made in the image of
God. They believe that every human should be


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