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What is an air mass?
An air mass is a large body of air. They are defined by their source and
the course they travel. We know what type of weather it will bring from its

If an air mass comes over land it will be dry, and…

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Warm fronts
When a warm air mass advances towards a cold air mass.
It rises above the cold air mass (this is more gradual than the cold

Occluded front
An occluded front is when a cold front is when a cold front catches up a
warm front and forces…

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up currents which produce low pressure
This low pressure causes air to move to the centre ­ rainfall is
heavy and intense and is sometime accompanied by thunder and

Frontal rainfall
This happens when 2 air masses meet, and the less dense warm
air is forced upwards. This then…

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pressure numbers on the isobars will be increasing as it approaches
the high pressure zone.
Wind is the movement of air from high pressure to low pressure,
rebalancing the pressure.
The greater the difference between the high and the low
pressure, the greater the wind speed will be.


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