Classification and Diagnosis of Schizophrenia- Essay Plan

Here's an essay plan on the subject of neural mechanisms on the classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia. Use it if you want, I chose these studies/explanations as they had the most to write on. When writing essays in psych remember about breadth and dept, 200 words approx for AO1 and 400 approx for AO2/3.

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Classification and Diagnosis of Schizophrenia- Essay Plan

1. Describe in some detail the clinical characteristics of schizophrenia- delusions, hallucinations,
disorganised speech, grossly disorganised or catatonic behaviour and negative symptoms.
Not able to function adequately in one area of their life, happens for at least six months and
not just down…

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that there is a question of whether schizophrenia can be considered a proper disorder as
there are so many different symptoms for it.

8. Critical Point 2: Another key point is about the issue of gender bias. Kaplan claimed that
diagnostic systems are male centred, for all of the DSM…


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