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a) SCLC (1957-60) :
King set up SCLC in 1957, it aimed to improve the black situation in the South.
Early SCLC rallies were sabotaged by NAACP, as they considered them a rival. NAACP was a
national organisation, whereas SLCL solely concentrated on the South, which focused
primarily on ascertaining…

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SNCC was more inclusive, and more appreciative of women workers than any other black
From 1961-64 SNCC organised civil rights movements in places like Arkansas, Mississippi
Delta, Albany and Alabama. Wherever there was activism or the need for activism, SNCC
workers and volunteers were there (e.g.-freedom rides)

d) Freedom…

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King led a march and came to an agreement with local authorities, however after he left they
rendered the agreement.
The Albany movement was made up of a series of protests; however collective support for them
was decreasing.
King recognised it as a major defeat and failure
The interstate facilities…

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Bull Connor (a white police officer) turned on the black demonstrators with the attack of his
police dogs on a black protester. (attracted media towards white violence increasing sympathy,
and jeopardising position abroad, had to seem liberal, or Russian unions could spread propaganda
against them)
King walked away from the…

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Major Civil rights groups collaborated together and it impressed the media.

O) SNCC and Mississippi (1961-4)
By 1960 only 5.2 per cent of Mississippi blacks could vote.
White voter registration officers set impossible questions, opened offices at inconvenient hours
to stop blacks registering to vote.
Although half of Mississippians are…

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There was a lack of progression and victory, however Birmingham no longer wanted outside help
or interference.

T) ST Augustine
The SCLC moved to St Augustine, Florida, 1964. King received Klan death threats. St Augustine's
white leadership refused to negotiate.
In spring 1964 an integrated group (white and black) of…

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Whites threw venomous snakes at blacks trying to register.
Keen to gain publicity of white violence King held back blacks who tried to retaliate the violence.
King wanted to be arrested to publicise the fact that Selma blacks were not allowed to vote.
The SCLC and SNCC therefore organised a…

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C) What Happened in Chicago?
King led reporters around rat-infested, unheated ghetto dwellings.
King and his supporters seized into ghetto buildings and began repairing and improving them.
There were the usual divisions between SCLC and Chicago activists, and the lack of clearly defined
issue did not help.
The July 1966…

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President Johnson had turned against King After King's criticism of the Vietnam War.
The anti-Vietnam War movement detracted funds and attention away from Civil Rights.
National Press coverage of the movement was limited. Black marchers attempting to gain the vote
in Selma gained sympathy, black marchers going into white neighbourhoods…

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compared with the earlier legislation, the open-housing provision literally came a lot closer to
The sad, even outrageous, but inescapable fact seems to be that the white were not yet
acclimatized to the notion of having a Negro for a neighbour. The Bill was killed.




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