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Event Date: Groups Events: Achievements:
Brown vs. 1954 NAACP, Supreme Court rules (90) segregation in schools is Great achievement for NAACP.
Board of Supreme unconstitutional. But gave no date when de facto
Education Court desegregation had to happen.
Not a lot of acceptance of the ruling, White
Citizens Councils…

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Sit Ins 1960 King and Organised by SNCC in Greensboro (N.Carolina) Helped erode Jim Crow Woolworth's had to
SCLC, where black students refused to leave the all white desegregate all its lunch counters.
CORE, Woolworth's cafeteria, spread across the country. Led to the students creating SNCC.
SNCC As many as…

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King wanted to show SCLC could be dynamic and Had successfully assessed how Connor
successful. would react and how the media would depict
SCLC failed to recruit enough demonstrators the action.
because the local SCLC leader was unpopular. "There never was any more skilful
Led a peaceful march which turned…

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would be voters and get them registered. Was the
local, poorer community that responded to the
In Nov 1963 SNCC organised the `Freedom
Vote', a mock election for disfranchised blacks.
Followed by Freedom Summer, 800 volunteers
from the North helped join the campaign.
St Augustine 1964 King and SCLC…

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weren't allowed to vote. "This is Selma, Alabama.
There are more negroes in jail with me than there
are on the voting rolls".
Organised a march to Montgomery to publicise
need for a Voting rights act. State troopers
attacked the marchers with clubs and used tear
Pres Johnson asked…

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Was a Chicago rally, below the anticipated
Riots began when the police shut off a fire hydrant
that black youths had been using to cool
Blacks went to white residential areas to point out
how they could not reside there. Whites abused

The 1966 King and James…


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