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The Montgomery Bus Boycott
1955-56…read more

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What happened?
Buses in the south were segregated,
December 1 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up
her seat to a white man, she was arrested and
fined $14.
Montgomery improvement Association leader was
Boycott was taken place after Rosa park incident.
Boycott hit bus companies hard majority of the
passengers were black, they lost 65% of their
King was fined $500 and sentenced to 1 year in
prison however he served just 2 weeks due to
overcrowding.…read more

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Buses were desegregated in Montgomery
because of the Browder v Gayle Laws
Segregation in buses were made illegal.
Showed MLK leadership qualities
Media involvement
highlighted the economic power that
African Americans possessed
SCLC was established(Southern
Christian Leadership Conference)…read more

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lengths to which white authorities would
go to defend segregation
Did not actually change laws…read more

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Little Rock Campaign
1957…read more

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