Civil Court Systems

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Civil Court Systems
This is part of the County Court and is used for claims below £5000 and PI claims
under £1000.
Cases here are allocated to small claims track and heard by the District Judge
It is very well used with over 100,000 cases each year and the procedure is simple
with the idea being for ordinary people to manage without lawyers.
Lawyers cannot be used as even if you win you cannot recover costs and there is
no legal aid.
The hearing is informal with parties around a table and the strict rules on evidence
do not apply but the Judge does decide.
There are 250 courts in the UK and they deal with cases from £5000£50,000.
Cases here are heard formally by the Circuit Judge.
Lots of claims are issued but most cases don't come to trial.
Some cases are allocated to special fast track which deals with cases up to
£25,000. There is a fixed timetable so cases are dealt with in 30 weeks. Parties are
only allowed two experts each and trials only last one day.
Some cases over £25,000 will be allocated to multitrack.
There are 26 Courts in the UK and they deal with claims over £50,000 or where
particularly complex issues are involved. Cases here are heard formally by the
Circuit Judge.
There are very few trials and each trial is very expensive and can take years.
Cases here are on multitrack which means the Judge is in control of the timetable,
it is not fixed. The judge says how long each side has to exchange witness
statements etc.


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