Citizenship Option A The Environment

Just a few arguments for and against the use of wind and nuclear energy - enjoy!

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Sustainable Development
Sustainability is living in a way that doesn't damage the needs of future generations.
There are two main types of sustainable energy: Wind and Nuclear energy.
Arguments for the use of nuclear energy:
Emits relatively low amounts of CO2.
Technology is readily available - does not have to be developed.
It is possible to generate a large amount of electrical power in one power plant.
Nuclear power needs little fuel - less vulnerable to shortages
Arguments against the use of nuclear energy:
Produces radioactive waste that remains dangerous for thousands of years.
We haven't produced a reliable method for dealing with radioactive waste.
Although the risk is small, the consequences of an accident are immense.
Nuclear power is NOT carbon free
Nuclear power plants as well as nuclear waste could be preferred targets for terrorist
You can't build power plants in a short time - it takes 20-30 years
What is Wind energy?
Wind power is generated through the use of a turbine, which is normally mounted on a
tower. The turbine collects wind energy and converts it to electricity which is transferred to
your houses through the National Grid.
Arguments for the use of wind energy:
· It's a renewable source of energy
· Doesn't involve burning fossil fuels
· Becoming a cheap alternative to Combustion generators
· It has low level technology so it can be used in developing countries
Arguments against the use of wind power:
· Can be noisy
· Can create visual pollution
· Is reasonably expensive at the moment because the technology is new.
· Limited to windy sites. Won't be efficient if there isn't enough wind to generate into
· Because of their height, birds can get caught into the blades especially in the
countryside when there are rare birds.


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