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On your table you will find that there is a questionnaire.
Can you start filling out as many questions as you can.…read more

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Look at the word "childhood" below and think about words, ideas and
emotions that you feel when you think about childhood.
Examples: innocence, happiness…read more

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Many children can't afford to have the feeling of
being at home. There might be many reasons
why they cannot be at home, but one main point
is that they are living in poverty. There are many
things that children who are living in poverty are
being deprived from e.g. their needs and wants .
They also may not have the luxuries that you
may have at home.…read more

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72 million children of primary 22,000 children die
school ages in the developing each day due to a lack
world were not in school in 2005; of basic needs.
57 per cent of them were girls.
There is a least 80%
of humanity that
Less than one per cent of what lives on less than
the world spent every year on
£10 a day.
weapons was needed to put every
child into school by the year
2000 and yet it didn't happen.…read more

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Quiz Time!!!
erty/child_poverty_quiz.htm…read more

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