Great information about Cirrhosis of the liver, what it is?, treatments, symptoms etc...

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Cirrhosis of the liver
What is it?
Cirrhosis is a condition in the liver, where healthy tissues are damaged and replaced by
scarred tissues. This leads to blockage in the flow of blood. Unfortunately, the damaged
caused by cirrhosis is permanent.
What causes it?
The most common cause of cirrhosis is caused by heavy alcohol consumption and being
infected by a blood-borne virus called hepatitis C.
The least common cause- hepatitis B & D
NASH (Non alcoholic steatohepatitis)
NAFLD (Non alcoholic fatty liver disease)
Others include
Autoimmune hepatitis
Rare genetic conditions (e.g.- haemochromatosis)
Conditions that block the bile ducts
Budd-chiari syndrome (blockage of blood clots in the veins)
What are the symptoms?
Early stage
no symptom at all
tiredness and weakness
loss of appetite
weight loss
sick feelings
skin becomes very itchy
pain around the liver
tiny red lines (blood capillaries) on the skin above waist level
blotchy red palms
Sleeping problems

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Later stage
loss of hair
oedema (a build-up of fluid in the legs, ankles and feet),
ascites (a build-up of fluid in your abdomen, makes one look heavily pregnant)
dark urine
frequent nose and gum bleeding
vomiting blood
cramps in the muscle
loss of sexual desire
rapid heartbeat
fever and shivering attacks
memory loss or confusion
change in the personality
staggering when walking
increased sensitivity to alcohol and drugs
weight loss
What treatments are there?
Cirrhosis can't be cured but can be…read more


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