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Blood Vessels
Arteries Veins Capillaries
-Thick muscular walls to -Thinner walls because -Capillary walls are one cell
withstand high blood there is less pressure. thick.
-Veins contain valves to -Good for diffusion as this
-Elastic layer to allow the
prevent `backflow' as allows oxygen and other
artery to expand and
bounce back with every the blood may travel nutrients to pass
heartbeat. backwards because of through into the blood.
-Carries blood away from the low pressure else. -They have a constantly
the heart. -Carries blood to the heart. high blood supply.…read more

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· Blood is made up of lots of different cells
floating in liquid PLASMA.
· RED BLOOD CELLS ­ large surface area, high affinity
for oxygen, contains haemoglobin (red pigment in blood)
· WHITE BLOOD CELLS ­ defends body against
disease-causing germs
· PLATELETS ­ helps to clot blood…read more

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System…read more

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The heart is an involuntary muscle that helps to
supply every cell in the body with oxygen, food
and other essentials.
The heart is located in the thorax (upper body)
and is protected by the ribcage.
The heart is so powerful that it can pump your
body's entire blood volume around your body in
just one minute.…read more

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The Heart…read more

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