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Circle Theorems…read more

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Parts of a Circle Major
Diameter Minor Sector
Tangent Major
Segment…read more

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Theorem One
Angle at centre is twice that at circumference,
this doesn't have to be in a arrow head as
shown here, but it has to be from the same two
points. You might see the word subtended
written down, this is just
a another way of
saying made.
2a…read more

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Theorem Two
Tangents to a point are equal in length. This is
an important one to remember has they can
make an isosceles triangle when combined
with a chord.…read more

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Theorem Three
Alternate segment theory : The angle between
the tangent and chord at the point of contact is
equal to the angle in the alternate segment.
Look out for a triangle with one of its vertices
resting on the point of contact of the tangent.
b a
a b…read more

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Theorem Four
Opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral equal
180°, this is only true if all the vertices
(corners) are touching the circumference.
c+d=180° c b
a…read more

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