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Key Word Definition
Arc The curve between two points on the circumference of a circle.
Bisect To divide into equal sections, cut in half.
Chord A straight line joining two points on a circle is a chord.
Circumferenc Circumference is the name of the perimeter of a complete circle, that
e is, the distance all around it.
Congruent Congruent means two shapes are exactly the same shape and exactly
the same size.
Isosceles Two sides have equal lengths. Angles opposite the equal sides are
Midpoint Midpoint is the middle of a line segment. It divides the line segment in
Quadrilateral A quadrilateral is a shape with four straight sides and four angles.
Radius The distance form the centre of a circle to its circumference. The
plural of radius is radii.
Semi-circle A diameter divides a circle into two semicircles.
Subtend An angle created by an object at a given point.
Tangent A straight line that just touches a point on a curve. A tangent to a
circle is perpendicular to the radius which meets the tangent.
Theorem A mathematical statement that can be demonstrated to be true.


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