Churchill governemtn 1951

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Churchill government 1951-55
When he became PM for the second time at 77 his health was failing
He was incapacitated by a stroke for months in 1953
Rationing ended
Steel industry was denationalised
Conservatives committed to building 300 000 new houses a year
Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne
Britain's first atomic bomb was detonated
End of the Korean war in 1953
Run on a day to day basis by Butler
General uplift in economy was mainly due to Marshall Plan
Cost of British goods in the export market dropped, BUT Britain remained heavily in debt
Butskellism suggested that the left wing of the conservatives led by Butler and the right
wing of the labour party led by its new leader , Gaitskell were virtually the same
Sought to increase individual liberalism and freedom by limited the role of the gov wherever
possible, BUT maintained the popular social and welfare policies set up by Attlee's gov


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