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Religious Organisation
· Religious organisations differ in many ways
· Some have a rigid hierarchy
E.g. Roman Catholic church with the Pope
· Some have less defined hierarchy
E.g. Quaker movement
Weber and Troesltsch
· Were the first to distinguish between churches and sects.…read more

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Large, well established religious body
Mainstream organisations that represent the major world religions…read more

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· `Spiritual home' of everyone in society
· Churches are open to all
· People can be a member of a church simply by
being born into that society
· All-inclusive
· Universal
·Complex, formal hierarchy
Worship & Ritual: ·Professional clergy
· Restrained worship (rather than
spontaneous) E.g. Roman Catholic Church
· Based on traditional worship Pope > Cardinal > Archbishop > Bishop >
E.g. Priest
· Fixed order of service
· Standing up for hymns
· Repetition of prayers…read more

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Life Span:
·Churches last over centuries
E.g. Hindu = 2500 years old
Christianity = 2000 years old
Islam = 1400 years old
Sense of legitimacy:
· The `Rightness' of religious belief
· Monopoly of truth
· Only their teachings offer the truth
Relationship with wider society:
Examples: ·Accept the norms & values of wider society
·Closely linked with society's major institutions
1. Anglican
E.g. Christian Church & government
2. Roman Catholic
3. Islam
4. Judaism
5. Hinduism
6. Sikhism…read more

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A smaller, less highly organized grouping of committed believers.
Usually setting itself up in protest at what a church has become.…read more

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· Highly exclusive attitude
· Strong boundaries between Organisation:
themselves & wider society · Lack professional clergy
· Exclude `unworthy' people · No complex hierarchy
· Membership has to be earned · Leadership = special talents of members
by merit
E.g. Jehovah's Witnesses
Life Span:
· Sometimes more than a generation
Worship & Rituals: · May evolve into a denomination
· Little use of ritual
· Worship = emotional, expressive &
E.g. Christian sects screaming out
"Hallelujah" and "Praise the Lord" as
the spirit takes them…read more

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