Chromological History of Medicine Date-Event Quiz

I made this for my History of Medicine exam. Print this out, then fold the last column over the back, look at the date and write the event from memory. There is another one like this that i have uploaded except Event-Date. You need to know how to do both, When you're told a date on a source you need to think of the context, and when you are answering a question and want to include a date for an event you need to also remember it. Plus another i have uploaded is a scrambled version so you dont just remember the order.

Hope it helps you guys.

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2630 BC Imhotep
500 BC Hippocrates
100AD Galen
476 AD Fall of Rome
900s AD Date of Arabic possession of knowledge
1665 AD Great Plague of London
1666 AD Great Fire of London
1800s Industrial Revolution
1840 Vaccinations made free for infants
1842 Edwin Chadwick's "Report on the Sanitary
Condition of the Labouring Population of
Great Britain"
1848 Public Health Act (voluntary health boards)
1853 Vaccinations made compulsory for infants
1860s Lister used "Carbolic Acid"
1861 Pasteur published "Germ Theory"
1875 Public Health Act (compulsory health boards)
1901 Landsteiner discovered blood groups
1902 Boer War
1906 Free school meals ­Liberal reform
1907 School medical inspections ­Liberal reform
1909 Old age pension act ­Liberal reform
1911 National Insurance act ­Liberal reform
1919 Nurses have to register to become a nurse
1928 Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin
1939 Flory and Chain mass produce Penicillin
1940 Blitz
1942 Beveridge Report
1939-1945 World War 2
1948 Aneurin Bevan set up "NHS"


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