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Chromatography and Spectroscopy ­ Answers
1. When some inorganic compounds are heated in a Bunsen flame, heat energy is converted into light energy:
The heat from the Bunsen promotes an electron in a metal to a higher energy level
This is an unstable state
The electron spontaneously drops back to…

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9. The region below about 1300cm-1 is known as the fingerprint region. It shows a complex series of peaks that
depends on the exact compound being analysed. Computer analysis of the fingerprint region can be used to
identify a pure unknown organic substance.
10. Infrared spectroscopy can be used to…

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The number of different peaks represents the number of different environments of the hydrogen ions
For example, a molecule of propanal, CH3CH2CHO has three different peaks:
The peak caused by the hydrogen atom on the CHO group
The peak caused by the two hydrogen atoms in the CH2 group…

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28. In chromatography, the sample is dissolved in a solvent and washed through a stationary phase by a mobile
phase called the eluent. The competition between the sample molecules adsorbed by the stationary phase and
dissolved by the eluent results in separation.
29. How fast the compounds get carried up…


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