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Christian belief about the nature of God:

Christians believe in one God ­ Monotheism. They believe that God is both:

Transcendent ­ Beyond space and time
Immanent ­ Present in all parts of the world.

Different characteristics of God -

Omnipotent ­ All-powerful
Omniscient ­ All-knowing
Omnibenevolent ­ All-loving

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Theist ­ Someone who believes in God
Atheist ­ Someone who believes there is no God
Agnostic ­ Someone who is not sure about what to believe and believes they will never
know. They find it an interesting question.

Cosmological argument ­ The cosmological argument to prove the existence of…

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Religious experience ­ occur commonly in for ways. For Christians mainly, but for other
religions as well, these are real. However for non-believers they are imaginary. They are:
1) Conversion experiences ­ God is `calling' them to report their sins and ask for
2) Healing ­ God will heal…

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Liberal = God is not found in the literal interpretation of the bible, but more in the messages
and underlying teachings.

Arguments against miracles ­

They go against the laws of nature and are therefore irrational
You should not trust testimony against others
People will always choose to find an…


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