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Humanities Revision

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· How do Christian Churches interact with the local community? (use
of the church, both buildings and organisation within the
· How can the local minister impact on the attitudes and values of
the local community? ( the religious and pastoral duties of the
· How does the Church celebrate events in people's lives? (rites of
passage, importance and significance of each)
· What are Christian attitudes, values and beliefs about family in the
modern world? ( Jesus' teaching on the family, different types of
family such as nuclear families, cohabiting, one parent families,
care of the elderly, the Church supporting family life and the
importance of family life to Christians)
· What are Christian attitudes, values and beliefs about poverty?
(Jesus' attitude to poverty, why poverty was acceptable for so long
in the UK, Christian attitudes towards the distribution of wealth and
· How Christians respond to the problems of poverty ( examples of
actively trying to help the poor such as fundraising, education,…read more

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Family counselling for families
that are having relationship
Marriage counselling for
couples having marital Mothers Union:
problems An organisation of
volunteers that are
committed to helping with
issues affecting marriage &
family life
Youth clubs/Scouts etc that
give young people a safe
environment in which to
spend their time How does the Church
`Child friendly' churches
support family life? that allow the whole family
to worship together
Crèches & drop in centres
that offer families with Sunday school where young
young children help & people are taught morals
support…read more

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Jesus was baptised
· John had been baptizing in the Jordan River. One day Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and
asked John to baptize him . John protested because he felt that Jesus was the one who should be
baptizing him. But Jesus told him that they needed to do this to fulfill all righteousness. It was the
right thing to do. So John baptized him in the river.
· Immediately after he was baptized, as he was praying, the heavens were opened and a dove came
down and rested on Jesus. It was the Spirit of God in the form of a bird that had come down to
show who Jesus was. Jesus saw it and John also saw the dove.
· Suddenly there was a voice from heaven saying, "You are my beloved Son, in whom I am well
pleased". The dove and the voice of God were a sign to John that Jesus was the Messiah who had
been promised.
· After this, John was again assembled with a group of people, and Jesus approached the group. John
told them what had happened. He said, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the
world!" He told them that he had seen the Spirit of God coming down on Jesus in the form of a
dove. He said this had been a sign to him because God had revealed to him that the person on
whom he saw a dove descending would be the Son of God. This is how John would know for sure.…read more

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Adult Baptism
· In some Baptist churches babies are not baptized. Instead, adults are baptized
when they are old enough to make the decision for themselves. This is known as
believers' baptism.
· The person being baptized is immersed in water three times, symbolizing them
washing their old life away. They wear white to symbolize a desire for purity.
· Believers Baptism is a symbolic act showing what has already happened to a person when
they became a Christian.
· By going into the water, they show that just as Jesus died for their sin, they too have died to
their old way of life without God. By going under the water, they show that just as Jesus was
buried, they too have buried their old way of life without God.
· By coming out of the water, they show that just as Jesus came back to life from the dead,
they too have received a new life in Him.
· When people are baptised, they are also showing that they belong to a new community of
Christians, known as the Church.…read more

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