Christian Teachings On Abortion

This is not the full essay as it would be kind of cheating if I posted it here. But here is a rough idea of what the different churches believe.

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Christian Teachings on Abortion
Different branches of Christianity have different views about abortion. In this essay I will be
concentrating on Roman Catholics and the Church of England. The Roman Catholics believe
that what god has told is the final decision, but the Church of England believe that Christianity
teaching needs to be kept up to date.
The Roman Catholics believe that abortion is always wrong. It begins at contraception and
therefore having an abortion is murder, "human life is sacred". It is considered as a big sin as it
states in the bible (Exodus 20:13) "Do not kill", and also (Jeremiah 1:5) "before I formed you in
the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." From these two quotes it is
obvious that they believe that no matter how old, born or not born, everyone is equal. The
Roman Catholics also believe that a victim of rape is also not allowed an abortion. They say that
the unborn child is paying for someone else's mistake and that is not fair.
On the other hand, the Church of England is a bit less rough on the matter of abortion. They say
that abortion is allowed as a last resort. It is justified in 3 circumstances: If there is any risk to
the mother's mental or physical health, the baby is likely to be deformed and mother feels she
cannot cope and if a woman is pregnant under the action of rape. The Church of England does
not morally agree with abortion, but often accepts if it is seen the way forward for someone.
They will not condemn someone for having an abortion but help them go through it and come to
terms with it. Church of England believes that `a woman often feels guilt after having an abortion
but if Jesus forgives people then why can't Christians?'
In conclusion both types of Christians are right in saying that abortion is wrong, but in my
opinion the church of England is more favourable because under the circumstance of rape, it is
not the mothers fault and she should not have to raise a child that isn't from the flesh/blood of
the person she wants it to be from.


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