Christ church earthquake

Info on a earthquake in a place I believe called New Zealand?? Hmm where is Old Zealand then I wonder??

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Earthquake case study
Christ Church
Location: Christ church, New Zealand
When: 22nd February, 2011
Boundary type
On an already formed fault line on the pacific plate.
What happened: It is considered an aftershock of a previous 7.1 magnitude earthquake,
which happened in September 2010. A magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale hit 10 km east of
Christ Church and 5km deep. This was New Zealand second worst ever earthquake. A
tsunami was created by the Tasman Glacier sliding into the ocean creating a wave 11 feet
high. There was also some liquefaction and some occurrences of landslides which were
debris slides. It had opened up a new rupture which was 8 x 8km in size. It was a strike slip
event, with mostly horizontal movement but with some horizontal movement.
Effects: The effects of this earthquake were much worse than the September 2010
earthquake due to the fact it was much closer to Christ Church, which is New Zealand's
second most populous city.
Effect Amount/ description
Deaths 181
Injured 15002000
Supplies Power was cut to 40% of the city and water had been severely
disrupted by the quake. With 158,000 people not having
access to toilets due to large sections being damaged.
Building damages 45% of Christchurch buildings were severely damaged and
15% on average of buildings were demolished. Which was
roughly 10,000
Cost £2.7 billion in insurance claims. With a total cost of £8 Billion
making it the third most costly earthquake ever recorded.
Tsunami The Tsunami hit a number of tour boats
Supplies into Christ church A transcostal ferry was not able to operate for
Closed airspace New Zealand airspace was closed so that it could inspect all it
facilities to check for damage
Falling buildings Many cars and buses were crushed from falling debris, also
some people on pavements buried by debris.
Road and bridges damaged Many roads were damaged by soil liquefaction and bridges
were damaged by the earthquake

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Schools and university's Christchurch 164 schools and universities were mostly closed
for three weeks with 11 being seriously damaged with students
being relocated.
Management of earthquake
The New Zealand red cross launched an appeal to help the victims. Australia donated £2.7
million and New South Wales donated £700,000 in aid of the victims, there were many
other donations to help with the recovery of Christchurch. 10,000 houses were demolished
as damaged beyond repair.…read more


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