Chopin - Prelude no 15

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Chopin ­ Prelude No.15 in D Flat Major
This is the instrument used in this piece:
p (Piano - quiet)
They build up gradually
ff (Fortissimo ­ very loud)
Crescendo (gradually gets louder)
Diminuendo (gradually gets quieter)
Ternary form ­ this is a piece in three sections - A tune, B tune, A tune ­ the
first and last sound very similar whereas the middle one sounds different
CODA ­ (a bit that ends the piece and finishes it off)
Homophonic - this is where the tune is accompanied by chords
"Raindrop" note (G sharp/A flat ­ they are the same note) ­ doubled in octaves
(octaves are the same notes but played eight notes lower or higher)
Chords used in both hands
B Section (referred to later on) ­ more chords which builds up tension
In four sections ­ Section A, Section B, Section A (again) and the CODA
Section A
Marked sostenuto (means sustained)
Slow held back tempo
Uses pedal a lot
Can hear "Raindrop" note which continues throughout
Marked p (piano ­ quiet)
First three notes are descending ­ like raindrops
There is an ornament called a turn (a twiddly thing! ­ hard to describe!!)
"Raindrop" note changes to an F
Changes to B flat major then back to D flat major
Time signature ­ 4/4

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Called Raindrop piece because of the continuous, repeated A flat in left hand
and there is a dominant pedal
Lots of very skilled playing ­ called virtuosic playing…read more


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