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Chopin ­ Prelude No.15 in D Flat Major


This is the instrument used in this piece:



p (Piano - quiet)
They build up gradually
ff (Fortissimo ­ very loud)
Crescendo (gradually gets louder)
Diminuendo (gradually gets quieter)


Ternary form ­ this is a piece in three…

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Section B
In a minor key (sounds sad)
Building up of textures
Dynamics build up
Lots of accents (notes played louder than others)
Note lengths longer
In C sharp Minor
Exploration of other keys

Section A
Returns to D flat Major
Repeats Section A
Phrase is cut short at…

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Called Raindrop piece because of the continuous, repeated A flat in left hand
and there is a dominant pedal
Lots of very skilled playing ­ called virtuosic playing


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