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Communism vs the World
China vs Singapore…read more

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In 2010, China's GDP growth was According to the World Bank
10.456 percent, totaling US$ "Doing Business 2010 Report,"
5,745.13 billion, and is expected to
increase 11.79 percent in 2011 to US$ Singapore economy is
6,422.28 Billion. Forecasts for 2015 considered to be the easiest to
predict China's GDP to reach US$ do business in. In fact,
9,982.08 billion, growing 10-12 Singapore has been awarded the
percent per year between 2010 and most competitive country in
2015. Asia. Some favorable findings
China's economy is huge and
expanding rapidly. In the last 30 years, about Singapore stated in the
the rate of Chinese economic growth report:
has been almost miraculous, averaging Ranked No.1 for having the
8 percent growth in Gross Domestic most open and liberal economy
Product (GDP) per annum. The for international trade
economy has grown more than 10
times during that period, with Chinese Ranked No.2 as the economy
GDP reaching 3.42 trillion US dollars with the best investment
in 2007. potential
China already has the biggest economy Ranked #1 in Asia and #4 in the
after the United States and most world for having low levels of…read more

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Singapore economy…read more

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China: Economy…read more

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Quality of life
HDI = 89 HDI=27
Quality of life index= 60 Quality of life index= 11
Access to safe drinking Access to safe drinking
water 2002= 77% water 2002= 100%
Life expectancy= 74.68 Life expectancy= 82.14
years years…read more

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Education and welfare
State-run system of public education Government budget for
run by the Ministry of Education. All
citizens must attend school for at least education SGD 5.2bn (2005)
nine years. The government provides at 19.3% of total budget,
primary education for six years, 3.1000053453467 of GDP
starting at age six or seven, followed
by six years of secondary education for Ratio of students to teaching
ages 12 to 18. staffs (Primary) 21.4 pupils
2005- The Chinese government (2009)
pledged to increase spending on social
programs including pension and Ratio of students to teaching
medical reform in 2009 despite staffs (Secondary) 17.9
pressure from the international pupils (2009)
financial crisis.
The central government plans to spend Enrolment ratio, aged 6­20
293 billion yuan (about $42.84 billion) years 87.4% (2004)
on the social safety net this year, up
17.6 percent or 43.9 billion yuan over Literacy rate (aged 15 years
the estimated figure for last year, he and above) 94.6% (2004)
said. Mean years of schooling
(aged 25 years and above)…read more

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