China's One Child Policy

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The "one child" policy.
During the 1950's, the Chinese government wanted China to be
the most powerful country in the world. "A large population gives a
strong nation". All religions were banned and the churches and temples
were demolished as China became a communist country. In the 1950's,
the average family size was 45 children, reduced to one or none
throughout the years. As government continued to make China the
most popular country in the world, all families were encouraged to grow
and young couples were encouraged to have children. As a result of
this, population grew rapidly, and there was up to 55 million births every
3 years.
Gradually throughout the years, the government decided they
made a big mistake, as there were too many people to car e for and
educate, and most people were living in very poor standards, almost
complete poverty. In 1970, government introduced the "two child
policy". Over the next 510 years, this was still not reducing the
population enough. These two children would grow up, to have their two
children and so on... In 1980, the government finally realised that they
had to make drastic changes. Then the "one child policy" came in.
Not just this policy, but they also raised the marriage age and you
had to apply before your marriage. It wasn't that simple to just be the
policy, there was lots of other changes and adaptations. You couldn't
have this `one child' if you weren't married and these `changes' became
the law...and there was consequences.


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