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Background info
How has their energy industry developed
How has their manufacturing industry developed
How has Chinas services industry developed
What are the potential risks to the growth of the Chinese economy
Assess the impact of their development and assess its sustainability

In 2009:

World's largest manufacturer
World's most…

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Ageing - 17% of pop expected to be over 60 by 2020
Freedom - Chinese Community Party, 1989 Beijing uprising (between 200-3000 people died)
Economy - exports dropped = global recession
Investing in Africa:

To secure resources, mainly oil - 30% of oil used in China comes from Africa

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Industrialised regions around Guangzhou have too little energy
But there is little heavy industry located near major energy resources in the North
east, central and south west China
Electricity falls considerably short of demand because energy prices have been fixed so
low that industry has few incentives to conserve


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Africans feel threatened by Chinese, losing income etc


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