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There is a lot of coverage at A-levelof theeconomies of fhe/ess frica received a greatdealof popu-
Iar andpoliticalattentionin 2005.
developed countries in Africa.Thisarticle su/eeps awaythe common The white rt'rlstbandsof the Make
assumption thatthemainsolution to theirpovertyliesin increasing trade Poverty Histo4' campaign couldbe
withrichcountries in theglobal'North'. lt pointsto thegrowing…

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r _ .,r{
'j l
\Cheap Chinese proilucts on sale ii a market, ahnzanid
r s: l\ f{\( }-
"\{ i" ;"+t'.--

The first was the West's reaction to which is havingall sortsofknock-on effects sortsofthings, from shoes, to blcycles,to
China's repression of democracy activists
in aroundthe rvorld.In Africa, there are…

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a 'Robin Hood economy', stimulating a
Oil pipes in Nigeria. African oil is an
surgeof economicgrowthacross Africa. But
important resource in which China is
there ls no glTaranlee that Chinese-led eco-
nomic growthwill translate into benefitsfor
ordinary people.Corruptindividuals,firms
and governments may caplarethe profiis.
Similarly,the flood of cheapimports is a


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