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Francesca Kyle
Sociology Essay Childhood is not fixed, universal experience but is a notion that changes
according to time and locality. Discuss.

In this essay, I shall be discussing whether childhood is fixed, universal experience and
whether it changes according to time and locality. I present the argument of Philippe…

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long history and continue to the present day. They can be seen in a variety of forms for
example, in novels such as Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons with its charming
and wholesome children and William Golding's Lord of the Flies where children descend
to their natural savage and barbaric…

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"In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare
institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interest of
the child shall be a primary consideration".
Changes in the social construction of childhood result in changes in the way adults treat
children. This…


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