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Children: Adults:
· Psychologically and · Socially, emotionally, physically
physically immature and psychologically developed
· Smaller in physicality - and mature
does that make them more · More cultured and responsible
vulnerable? · Relationships play major parts
· Lack of skills & in forming their lives
What can't they do? What can they do that's different
· Provide or care for to children?
themselves · Full-time/Part-time
· Go to nightclubs and pubs employment
· Drive · Drive
· Marriage
· Own property
· Have complete independence
and control over what they do…read more

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Why are there these differences?
Children: Marxism:
Certain activities and behaviours are seen to Age stratification is a form of social
be socially unacceptable for children to take control. It makes the young
part in, but this all changes when the dependent on adults, and it also
individual hits 18. Who specifies when an helps to train and prepare a new
individual is ready to change their lifestyles cohort of labour power until it is time
for them to move into the job
and act in different ways? Sociologists have
market. It also creates a reserve
different views on childhood, and the army of labour ­ children can be
statement "Childhood is socially constructed". seen as an emergency supply of
workers, and by keeping them out of
Functionalism: work for a long period, it means that
Age stratification reflects value consensus and capitalists can use the existence of
perhaps is the best way of organizing role a supply of cheap labour as a way
allocation. There is consensus that the young of forcing workers to limit their pay
need (it is a functional prerequisite) to be claims or else face the danger of
treated differently, because they have to be pricing themselves out of the
socialised into norms and values. market.…read more

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Why are there these differences?
An individual legally becomes an adult when they Who says that you'
turn 18, this means that they can buy property,
legally consume alcohol/cigarettes and much more. re an adult at 18?
But why are these privileges only legal when a Why not younger,
person becomes an adult? What differentiates a 17
year old to an 18 year old? In one day a person can or even older?
go from childhood to adulthood and gain a lot of
responsibility and new activities to take part in
legally. But how does someone grow into an adult in
the period of one day?
All in ONE day?…read more

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The Conventional Approach
Functionalist and New Right thinkers tend
to subscribe to what has been termed a `'
Conventional'' approach towards childhood.
This sees children as a vulnerable group­
both under threat and in need of protection
from adult society.
This approach suggests that successful
childbearing requires two parents of
opposite sex's, and that there is a `right'
way to bring up a child. These views often
blame working mothers, single parents and
inadequate parents, for social problems
such as delinquency.…read more

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